Zu sehen – Lily Brett

Christine las dieses Buch und war gerade fertig als ich das Bin Laden Buch durch hatte. Wir tauschten die Bücher und sie fragte noch … “Na, ob dir das gefällt?”. Es gefiel mir. Die Story ist schon cool. Lily hat eine ziemlich komplizierte Vergangenheit: geboren 1946 in Deutschland, Eltern jüdische KZ Überlebende, die im KZ… Continue reading Zu sehen – Lily Brett

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Die Bin Ladens: Eine arabische Familie – Steve Coll

Ein Dickes Buch. Ich hab es mir gekauft im Bahnhofsbuchladen in Frankfurt. Toller Laden übrigens. Ich sehe das Bild mit den Flugzeugen auf dem Cover und denke daran, wie es so war – am 11.09.01. Ich unterrichtete damals online eine grössere Gruppe. Im Chat las ich über den Flugzeugabsturz und hielt es für einen Witz.… Continue reading Die Bin Ladens: Eine arabische Familie – Steve Coll

Enough – John Naish

The book has a simple mission realize when it is enough – stop working when it is enough – stop eating when it is enough – stop consuming when it is enough – stop YOU-NAME-IT when it is enough My problem is sometimes to notice when it is enough. It is this kind of cycle:… Continue reading Enough – John Naish

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DrupalCamp Vienna

Sorry for the delay between the event and the post :-) too much work. Nov 27th, 8:30 Coming from the warm Gerone/Spain I arrived a bit late. I used my chance being in Vienna to look for an cast iron spiral staircase for our house. This shop has wonderful staircases but they know also how… Continue reading DrupalCamp Vienna

Market in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque


Today it’s Sunday and we visit the Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque market. It spreads over the whole city center. Here you can find all the goodies of Languedoc region, f.e. saucisson, brebis, olives, tapenade, vine, fruits and vegetables. You should have bought everything you need till 10:00 clock. Thereafter, the market is full of people and you are… Continue reading Market in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque

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Project management with Drupal and STORM

We need in our company some kind of project management software. In the past, we used a mixture of Open Office documents and paperwork. We checked yearly for web based open source software solutions but we didn’t find the right thing for us. In the last six months, I had a short relationship with Jira.… Continue reading Project management with Drupal and STORM

Google Wave

Finally I had time to watch this 80 minutes video and it was awesome! It’s not ready yet and Google is perfect in guerilla marketing but the idea is very, very good. It seems to be possible to start your own waves on your company server and it is an very good collaboration tool. We… Continue reading Google Wave