Hagen GrafLast saturday I presented a “half” session at BuchCamp Frankfurt, May, 6th 2012 ( related blog entry German). BuchCamp was organized by a lobbying association of German publishers called B├Ârsenverein.

As the event was announced as a barcamp and each participant can be a presenter too, I decided to offer a talk on my work as a “selfpublishing author” (and of course I had not prepared any slides). I presented the idea with the words:

I’ll tell you about my work, you tell me about your work and then we have a look, what we can achieve together.

I shared a session slot with another participant at Sunday 10 Uhr (which was fine).

What I said in the Session (and wanted to say ­čÖé )

You have to follow the links to get the big picture (right mouse click -> open in new tab, then the article remains in its tab)

  • I write non-fiction for 10 years. This is the list.
  • I distribute the PDF files of books, where I have all the copyrights, free on the Internet. Here are the current download figures (The counting started in March 2011. Every day there are currently 1,000-3,000 file downloads. While writing this article, there are 360,000+)
  • For years, I offer HTML versions of my books on-line.
    The publishers (with whom I worked together) allowed me that to a certain extent. These online versions are often linked to other pages.
  • Readers can give feedback to the chapters and make frequent use of it (example).
    Have a look at a very motivating e-mail that just arrived (I have not shown it in the session
  • I write the first version of a book in English and then translate it by myself to German. I am not perfect in English nor German, but there are always people who write a comment and point out typos to be corrected
  • I use an online HTML editor (TinyMCE) and write the text directly using our website
  • The images and screenshots are saved at Flickr.
  • I sell advertisements in the books. These companies and individuals support my work. On a map it looks like this:
  • People contact me and ask if they can translate the books. To do so, they need a user account on cocoate to get started. Here is a list of all the translators. A Brazilian group has started a Facebook group for coordination (This is so far the result)
  • The books can be purchased as well at Amazon (eg, Germany) and a few in the iBookstore as e-books (eg, U.S. store). And on Book on Demand (eg, Germany) and CreateSpace (eg USA) as a printed books.
  • Earlier, I recorded screencasts (example). It is poorly paid, makes a lot of work and the author (me) is not even mentioned. Today, I have my own equipment and take screencasts if necessary (even without any business model). The videos I upload to YouTube and Vimeo, offer them on our website, link it with the HTML chapters and create a feed for iTunes, as well as an appstore independent feed.
  • I know many of my business partners not personally, most of them (can e-mail just to clear) only using Skype (Chat with me) , Twitter, Facebook (add me if you want) and e-mail
  • The next book is called Going Mobile with Joomla! and is currently being written – you may like to join.
  • One more little thing. I have NO problem with existing copyright principles – to be honest I understand nothing of it and reading those texts is not illuminating for me …

How can you help me?

  • by direct donation for travel expenses, equipment, ect.
  • by clicking Flattr
  • Buy a book as EPUB from our website or at Amazon or other stores
  • Buy a paper book
  • just tell others … (Twitter, FB, like Google+ all the rest)
  • Buy me a WiFi voucher when we meet somewhere
  • Spend your holidays in our village rent an apartment ­čÖé

Why am I telling you all this on a book camp?

I am not a selfpublishing author because I like it!

One of the reasons is, that I find no one who offers me services, in the speed, the formats and the communication channels, I work with!

To give you an example what I need

  • a cover for each book
  • some kind of marketing
  • publishers in countries where Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Persian, English, German, Chinese, Portuguese and Hindi books can be delivered in any form.
  • I’ve no certified “quality management”
  • the EPUB creation workflow can be described at the moment as “pathetic” ­čÖé
  • the whole screencast creation must be optimized
  • our website needs a CDN and a mobile version

Many of these services could be offered by publishing houses and I would also enjoy participating in the development of such services.

Yeah, and now I would like to know what you are doing and what we can we do together?

After the session I was asked if I would like to attend the BuchTage meeting in Berlin.

I would be happy to attend, but I have no budget for such things. So it’s up to you.

If the ChipIn is successful, I am available for nearly everything during the BuchTage meeting ­čÖé

My JandBeyond 2012

Audience JOscars

Once a year JandBeyond, the international Joomla conference is held in Europe. This time, the venue was, again, the Dolce Hotel in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Elvis Presley lived in Bad Nauheim during his time with the United States Army in Friedberg.

My initial plan was to meet with Christine (my beloved wife ­čÖé ) at JandBeyond, attend the event and drive home together with her. The days before she was in Germany and I was in Switzerland. She prepared the session “Peace, Love and Leadership” and worked the weeks before the event together with the responsible working group on a Proposal for a new Joomla project structure (Discuss the proposal here). She was asked to attend the leadership meeting after the event. Unfortunately it was not possible for her to attend because of some trouble making a decision on behalf of the leadership team so she finally quit her participation.

If you attended jab12 too, please be so kind and add your preferred social media accounts in this Google doc and please post your links to photos in this Google doc.

And now – my story ­čÖé

I arrived Friday morning and as part of the video team I had to record sessions.


Occupy Joomla! – Jeremy Wilken (description)

It was a great presentation on how we can regain our project! Jeremy was/is part of the working group that created the proposal for a new Joomla structure and I was very curious to hear his thoughts.

It is time for us to regain our project. Joomla is at the mercy of those who are willing to take the initiative to make the change. However I think we are tired of hearing the mantra ‘If you want it, contribute’. We need more than words, we need inspiration and direction. Occupy Joomla is just that, taking control of Joomla through more effective processes, unconventional methods, and overwhelming passion. This session will explore some of the ways we can take control, and make Joomla our project.

If you attend JAB, then you are part of the 1% that cares about Joomla so strongly they would stake their livelihood upon it. It is the right, and perhaps the responsibility, for us to improve and maintain Joomla. However barriers exist, communication breaks down, visions are lacking, and we face other challenges that keep us from the goal. We will explore new methods or tactics that can help re-energize the community and revive the CMS as a platform for innovation and collaboration.

Hashtag is #occupyjoomla



Making Joomla profitable – Pedro Francisco Vidal Lopez (description)

Pedro has been talking about his experiences since the time of JoomlaDay Madrid in 2008 and about the work of the Spanish association OSIberia (Website, Twitter). For me it was interesting to hear some insights about the Spanish community and the ways for companies that use Joomla to earn money. Pedro has a good approach to mention at any time “And now listen and repeat: I AM JOOMLA!”. At the first look it sounds a bit like in a church but I like the idea. The Joomla! project is a combination of all individuals behind the project and he is right: everyone is Joomla! See the smiling faces ­čÖé Only if YOU rock JOOMLA rocks too!

"I am Joomla!"


Joomla 3.0 UX – Kyle Ledbetter (description)

Kyle gave an overview on Twitter Bootstrap in Joomla. Bootstrap is a “Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions”. The weeks before the event I noticed a huge discussion in the Joomla UX forum concerning that topic. It is useful to read the whole thread to get an idea how difficult these decision processes were. A week ago, the Joomla leadership team decided to use Twitter Bootstrap in the upcoming Joomla 3.x series. Here is a kind of preview.


Where is Joomla going and how do we get there? – Andrea Tarr, Mark Dexter (description)

Andrea Tarr (@tarrconsulting) and Mark Dexter (no Twitter) presented an overview on the upcoming changes in Joomla 3.x and 4.x series. A very interesting point for me was when Mark said that Joomla has no Core Developers anymore. Another point was that Joomla Platform version 12.2 will be the base of Joomla 3.x. I would be happy to see a central roadmap page somewhere on Joomla.org – may be it exists and I just don’t know ­čÖé (please provide a link in a comment if you know more). Another point is a bit unclear to me is: Since the Joomla CMS is not anymore the core product of the project, where can I find the roadmap and general strategy of the the Joomla platform? I learned that seven working groups were formed to discuss topics like this.


Roadmap Lightning talks

All working groups will have the opportunity to give a 4-minute lightning talk to describe what they are about, to drum up some enthusiasm and maybe recruit new volunteers, and for those more established groups to talk about the work they have done. But even if there is no working group, if you are interested in giving a talk, please give us a summary of what you want to talk about. (You can do that when you fill out the form mentioned in the next paragraph.)

It was amazing to see a lot of good ideas. During jab12, most of these working groups offered a session on what is planned and how to contribute. Unfortunately it was not possible for me to attend these sessions and I am really curious to read something about the plans, the outcomes, and of course, I would love to have an aggregated roadmap!

Elin Waring

Ashwin Date

Blogging with Joomla – past, present and future – Kristoffer Sandven (description)

Kristoffer runs the famous JoomlaBlogger Blog and gave insights about his work and his webiste. During jab12 he wrote blogposts about the event.

Kristoffer Sandven


Joomla in Mongolia:: Our story and lessons learnt – Altansukh Tumenjargal (description)

Altansukh Tumenjargal talked about the success story of Joomla! in Mongolia. David Jardin, Thomas Kahl and Stefan Wendhausen, who are organizing the German JoomlaDay decided to support the JoomlaDay Mongolia this year. They asked me whether I want to join the team and travel to Mongolia. I will join them ­čÖé

Altansukh Tumenjargal


Meet the Leadership Team

It was nice to see most of the members of the leadership team trying to answer some serious questions (I’m sure there will be a blog entry with a summary about this session written by the leadership team ­čÖé ).

Joomla Leadership Team

This is the Facebook version of the photo with all the usernames.



A cool Joomla video was shown on the big screen made by joomlaproffs.se.

Barbecue in the evening

In the evening, we had a wonderful barbecue (I think it was sponsored by Ebay … thanks a lot guys, it was delicious) with a lot of German sausages and beer, a JoomStew podcast was recorded and I talked to so many interesting people ­čÖé

Day 2

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Michel van Agtmaal (description)

Michel will suggest several new JED policies and processes in an effort to help the community decide if and how to get rid of The Bad and The Ugly extensions from the JED.

He did it and it was great. In the evening he was chosen to present the JOSCARS because of his sexy slides ­čÖé

Sexiest Slides Award


A different approach to Joomla! Documentation – Tony Davis, Jon Neubauer (description)

Tony and Jon worked in the last months on a fresh concept for the documention wiki. They proposed to switch it to Joomla, provided it in several languages and use a versioning system.

As a first little result of this talk, I added links to all the freely available PDFs of the Joomla! 2.5 – Beginner’s Guide provided by cocoate to the Getting Started with Joomla page of the wiki.


How to organize a Joomla!Day and / or  Joomla User Group (JUG)

This was a good discussion between organizers of Joomla! Days all around the world. At the image you see Mu’uz Asfaw from Ethiopia. He is trying to organize the first Joomla! Day in Ethiopia this year.

How to run a JoomlaDay?

After tweeting that you get 1,000 US$ for the first JoomlaDay in a country (please retweet), I met Panayiotis Halouvas from Cyprus and talked to him. If things goes well, he will organize the first JoomlaDay in Cyprus this year. This would be great!

Joomla Adoption in Large Corporations – Oliver Ratzesberger (description)

Oliver talked about BigData and Analytics as a Service. Honestly, I didn’t get the “real message” of this talk :(.

He worked for Ebay and was “the” guy who introduced Joomla as base for their analytics and he was the manager of this department too. As far as I understood he hired Andrew Eddie, Louis Landry, Rob Schley and Kyle Ledbetter (don’t know exactly whether he hired them, but during his time at Ebay they started their work there). Today he is working for Sears and Ebay is contributing code to Joomla. Which is in total a good result of his work!


Beyond being responsive – Seth Warburton (description)

Getting back to our roots!

was the message of this talk and it was simply great!

Seth Warburton

Look at this posh room ­čÖé

What a wall!



JGardens, Joomla Site Builder – Part Lawate (description)

Based on the Drupal Gardens concept, we plan to bring this to Joomla. With a Rich wizard interface that lets users chose the features they need & the look & feel they want, we are looking at taking Joomla to the masses with this application.

Great idea and looks good. Hopefully we’ll see something like this very soon.

Parth Lawate

Parth Lawate


How to stay in contact with your websites using JMonitoring ? – Pierre Andre Vullioud (description)

Unfortunately, I was too late in this presentation: I only realized that I might have missed something very good ­čÖü


J.O.S.C.A.R. Awards

Well, no comment ­čÖé

This is Brian


This is Victor

Victor aka The King

This is the Jury


This is the Audience

Audience JOscars

Please add yourself in the Facebook version of that photo

And the winners are …

  • Free Joomla Add-ons – Cost-free extensions or tools, excluding templates: JCE
  • Commercial Joomla Add-ons – Paid extensions or tools, excluding templates: ACL Manager
  • Joomla Template Systems: Free or commercial template frameworks or boiler-plates: Beez
  • Joomla Services – Joomla-specific services such as hosting, training, support, contracting, etc…: CloudAccess.net
  • Corporate Web Sites – Web sites built for the corporate sector: stackideas.com
  • Non-corporate Web Sites Web sites built for the non-corporate sector such as NGOs, non-profits and Government: joomlagov.info
  • eCommerce Web Sites – Web sites built for online storefront: www.kaffekapsler.no
  • Mobile Web Sites – Web sites built for the mobile web: brian.teeman.net
  • Github Junkie – Recognizing core code contributions: Michael Babker
  • Communications Junkie: Participation in Joomla chat rooms, blogs and on social media channels – Brian Teeman
  • Bug Junkie – Finding and/or fixing bugs on the tracker: Mark Dexter
  • Innovation of the Year: Joomla Platform
  • Personal Contribution: Ryan Ozimek


Burgers in the pub with many French people (Val├ęry Isaksen, Yann Gomiero, Thierry Jirkowsky , and 3 other Frenchman (TO DO add the names)). Afterwards we ended up in the Dolce pub where a football match was presented at the TV screens, the UK team (Chelsea) won – congrats ­čÖé and Angie Radtke provided free German beer at the terrace :). I talked to Grace Francisco and we discovered that she knows and worked together with my daughter Isabell at DrupalCon Copenhagen. The world is a small place ­čÖé

Day 3

Joomla in 2102 – Brian Teeman (description)

Brian says “Predicting the future is notoriously difficult … ” and he is right :). I liked his presentation.


Responsive Design and it’s benefit – Paulo Griiettner (description)

The world are going more and more mobile… so… why isn’t your website too?

Paulo did an amazing presentation about the techniques of responsive website. He showed a lot of useful code and the audience was very happy.

Paulo Griiettner

Paulo Griiettner


Mobilizing Joomla! – What We Have Learnt in 5 Years, and What to Expect in the Next 5 – Ugur Kaner (description)

Ugur talked about five years history of designing mobile websites and he convinced me to start selling the epub versions of my books in a very easy way in the future (will hopefully start soon with the easy part ­čÖé )

What I learned, responsive design is important but it is not the only thin that counts in the mobile world!

Ugur Kaner

#jab12 Ugur Kaners Presentation


Lightning Talks (description)

  • Square One CMS
  • Community Builder 2.0: Using a new way to build web apps
  • Choo – Association management system
  • BabDev Library
  • Inspiring young people in Open Source Technologies
  • Semantic HTML5 for Joomla 2.5 via modules.php
  • Drupal to Joomla! Migrations – Truthout.org

I try to collect the information and slides in the next days … please help me by adding comments

I like lightning talks and I decided to give my own little lightning talk about my book project (has anyone of photo?). At last years jab I was looking for sponsors for a Joomla! 1.7 book and today more than 333,333 pdf (of all PDFs) were downloaded for free. The actual Joomla! 2.5 book is now available in several languages. Thanks to the help of many translators. Have a look at the download figures ­čÖé


Joomla! websites on Mobile Devices – Achim Fischer (description)

Achim Fischers session was the last session I attended. Next week, I will travel together with him to the first Chinese JoomlaDay in Shanghai (TO DO LINK). Achim is a true developer and likes the Android platform. He wrote his own Joomla API component and is developing Android apps. And I like the way he’s working ­čÖé

Achim Fischer



From my point of view jab12 was a success! The event was well organized and I met interesting people. I already started a few weeks ago to write a “Going Mobile with Joomla!” (German “Mobile Webseiten mit Joomla!”) book and these guys already sponsored it. Stefan is the first sponsor for the German version.Thanks a lot!

Feel free to join them and sponsor the English and/or the German version!┬á ­čÖé

And maybe we’ll get a Greek Translation of the Joomla 2.5 Beginner’s Guide with the help of David Rutter ­čÖé And fingers crossed, maybe an Amharic (Ethiopia) and a Mongolian version too!

And You? Please help me to add all the missing links …


Hagen Graf

Letzten Samstag hielt ich eine “halbe” Session auf dem BuchCamp in Frankfurt am 6. Mai 2012 (hier mein Blogeintrag dazu).

Da ich dachte, es ist ein BarCamp und jeder “gibt und nimmt” bot ich an ├╝ber meine T├Ątigkeit als “Selfpublishing Autor” zu erz├Ąhlen (Ich hatte nat├╝rlich keine Slides vorbereitet). So sinngem├Ąss mit den Worten:

Ich erz├Ąhle euch ├╝ber meine Arbeit, ihr ├╝ber eure, und dann gucken wir, was wir zusammen machen k├Ânnen

stellte ich meine Session vor und bekam dann auch tats├Ąchlich einen “halben” Slot am Sonntag morgen um 10 Uhr (was ok war).

Was ich in der Session gesagt habe (und sagen wollte ­čÖé )

Ihr m├╝sst den Links folgen um den Gesamtzusammenhang zu haben (Rechtsklick -> im neuen Tab ├Âffnen, dann bleibt der Artikel immer im Tab links daneben sichtbar)

  • Ich schreibe seit 10 Jahren Sachb├╝cher. Hier die Liste.
  • Ich verteile die PDF Dateien von B├╝chern, an denen ich alle Rechte habe, gratis im Internet. Hier sind die aktuellen Downloadzahlen. (Gez├Ąhlt wird seit M├Ąrz 2011. Pro Tag sind es momentan zwischen 1.000 und 3.000, w├Ąhrend ich das schreibe sind es >314.000)
  • Ich stelle bereits seit Jahren HTML Versionen meiner B├╝cher online bereit.

    Die Verlage (mit dem ich zusammen arbeitete) erlaubten mir das in einem gewissen Rahmen.

    Diese Online Versionen werden oft von anderen Seiten verlinkt.

  • Leser k├Ânnen Feedback zu den Kapiteln geben und machen davon auch rege Gebrauch (Beispiel).

    Hier zum Beispiel eine recht motivierende E-Mail, die gerade ankam (habe ich in der Session nicht gezeigt)


  • Ich schreibe die erste Version eines Buches in English und ├╝bersetze es dann selbst auf Deutsch. Ich kann weder perfektes English noch Deutsch aber es finden sich immer Menschen die einen Kommentar schreiben und auf Fehler hinweisen. Die ├Ąndere ich dann.
  • Ich benutze einen Online HTML Editor (TinyMCE) und schreibe die Texte direkt auf unserer Website
  • Die Bilder speichere ich bei Flickr.
  • Ich verkaufe Werbung in den B├╝chern. Diese Firmen unterst├╝tzen meine Arbeit. Auf einer Karte sieht das so aus


  • Menschen melden sich bei mir und fragen, ob sie die B├╝cher ├╝bersetzen k├Ânnen. Dazu brauchen die einen Benutzeraccount auf cocoate und k├Ânnen loslegen. Hier ist eine Liste mit allen ├ťbersetzern. Eine brasilianische Gruppe hat eine Facebook Gruppe zur Koordination gegr├╝ndet (Das ist bisher das Ergebnis).
  • Die B├╝cher kann man auch als bei Amazon (Beispiel Deutschland) und im iBookStore als E-Book kaufen (Beispiel US Store). Und ├╝ber Book on Demand (Beispiel Deutschland) und CreateSpace (Beispiel USA) als gedrucktes Buch.
  • Fr├╝her habe ich VideoTrainings aufgenommen (Beispiel). Es wird schlecht bezahlt, macht viel Arbeit und der Autor wird nicht mal genannt. Heute habe ich eigenes Equipment und nehme Screencasts bei Bedarf auf (noch v├Âllig ohne Gesch├Ąftsmodell). Die Videos lade ich zu YouTube und Vimeo, biete sie auf unserer Website an, verlinke sie mit den HTML Kapiteln und erzeuge ein Feed f├╝r iTunes, sowie ein appstore unabh├Ąngiges Feed.
  • Ich kenne viele meiner Gesch├Ąftspartner nicht pers├Ânlich, die meisten nur ├╝ber Skype (Chat with me) , Twitter, Facebook (ihr k├Ânnt mich gern adden) und E-Mail (E-Mail l├Ąsst gerade deutlich nach)
  • das n├Ąchste Buch heisst ├╝brigens Going Mobile with Joomla! und entsteht gerade – ihr k├Ânnt gern mitmachen.
  • Noch eine Kleinigkeit. Ich habe KEIN Problem mit bestehenden Urheberrechtslagen – ich verstehe nix davon und das lesen solcher Dinge erhellt mich auch nicht wirklich …

Wie k├Ânnt ihr mich unterst├╝tzen?

  • per Direktspende f├╝r Reisekosten, Equipment und was man so braucht
  • per Flattr klick
  • Kauft ein Buch als EPUB auf unserer Website oder bei Amazon oder den anderen stores
  • Kauft ein Papierbuch
  • Erz├Ąhlt es einfach weiter (Twitter, FB like, Google+, das ganze Social Geraffel, Verlagsmund zu Verlagsohr)
  • Kauft mir mal ein WiFi Voucher wenn wir uns irgendwo treffen
  • Macht bei uns Urlaub und mietet ein Apartment.

Warum erz├Ąhle ich das alles auf einem BuchCamp?

Ich mache das nicht alles im Alleingang weil ich das alles so toll finde!

Ich mache das deswegen allein, weil ich keinen finde, der mir Services anbietet, in der Geschwindigkeit, den Formaten und den Kommunikationskan├Ąlen in und mit denen ich arbeite!

Ich brauche beispielsweise

  • pro Buch ein Cover
  • Irgendeine Form von Marketing
  • Verlage in L├Ąndern in denen Russische, Spanische, Itallienische, Franz├Âsische, Persische, Deutsche, Englische, Chinesische, Portugiesische und Hindi B├╝cher in welcher Auslieferungsform auch immer gelesen werden.
  • Ich habe kein “Qualit├Ątsmanagement”
  • Den EPUB Erstellungsworkflow bezeichne ich momentan als “r├╝hrend”
  • Die ganze Screencast Erstellung muss optimiert werden
  • Unsere Website braucht ein CDN und eine Mobile version

Viele dieser Dienstleistungen k├Ânnten Verlage anbieten und ich h├Ątte auch Freude an der Entwicklung solcher Dienste teilzunehmen.

Jau, und jetzt w├╝rde ich gern wissen was ihr so macht und was wir zusammen machen k├Ânnen?

Nach der Session wurde ich gefragt ob ich zu den BuchTagen in Berlin und der AKEP Tagung kommen w├╝rde.

Ich w├╝rde gern, aber ich habe keinen Etat f├╝r so etwas.

Wenn Du/Sie/Ihr interessiert seid mich dort zu haben dann spendet einfach. 1% der Reisekosten habe ich schon beisammen ­čÖé

Falls PayPal aus Paranoidit├Ąts- oder anderen Gr├╝nden ausf├Ąllt, k├Ânnt ihr auch gern auf eine deutsche Bank ├╝berweisen. Bitte kontaktiert mich, ich schicke euch dann eine Kontonummer zu.

Wenn es klappt, stehe ich w├Ąhrend der BuchTage/AKEP12 auch gern f├╝r alles das Meiste, was euch so einf├Ąllt, zur Verf├╝gung ­čÖé

BuchCamp 2012 und vielleicht BuchTage 2012

BuchCamp 2012Am Wochenende war ich in Frankfurt beim BuchCamp. Ich bin dorthin gefahren, weil ich seit einiger Zeit meine B├╝cher selbst verlege und einfach neugierig auf die “etablierte” Branche war. Das BuchCamp wurde zum dritten Mal abgehalten, vom B├Ârsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels organisiert und scheinbar von der BarCamp Idee und dem Buzzword [F├╝genSieHierIhreBrancheEin]Camp inspiriert. Es fand auf dem MediaCampus Frankfurt statt, eine Schule f├╝r angehende Buchh├Ąndler.

Da ich mich normalerweise auf eher technisch orientierten Events befinde, war ich doppelt neugierig, was mich so erwartet.

Ein paar Sachen fielen mir auf, die doch anders sind, verglichen mit einem Open Source Software BarCamp/Conference.

  • Es gibt keine zentrale eigene Website (Es gibt etwas auf mixxt aber das Portal war leider am 5.5.2012 down)
  • Es gibt funktionierendes WLAN (eher selten auf Tech Events)
  • Es gibt eine ausgedruckte Teilnehmerliste.

    Das ist gut ­čÖé Aber da stehen kein Twitter User, keine E-Mail Adresse und keine Website URL. Warum drucken die das aus?

  • Im gr├Âssten Raum steht alles voller Tische in langen Reihen an die sich die Menschen setzen und erwartungsfroh Richtung B├╝hne schauen
  • Es gibt dauernd etwas zu essen

Auf der mixxt website wurden schon seit einiger Zeit Session Vorschl├Ąge gesammelt. Das bemerkte ich erst am Vorabend und trug mich dann dort ein. Leider steht die Session heute (8.5.) nicht mehr auf der Seite und ist auch nicht mehr im Versionen Archiv des Wikis #kopfkratz. Ich schreibe den Text hier nochmal so sinngem├Ąss auf.

Session 23 – 300.000 Downloads

Ich verlege/ver├Âffentliche seit ein paar Monaten meine Fachb├╝cher selbst und biete sie zum kostenlosen und kostenpflichtigen Download an. In der Session will ich dar├╝ber berichten und hoffentlich schliesst sich eine Diskussion an.

Bei der Er├Âffnung des BuchCamps wurden alle Teilnehmer, die eine Session eingereicht haben nach vorn gebeten, um den Inhalt der Session zu pr├Ąsentieren (hehe, das bin ich). Es gab 25 Vorschl├Ąge und 24 Slots. Ich legte meine Session mit der von Andreas Artman zusammen und schon passte es.

Ich habe dann die folgenden Sessions besucht:

FlashFiction von Mela Eckenfeld

E-Books – Mythen, M├Ąrchen, Mehrwertsteuer von Peter Schmid-Meil

Selbsthilfegruppe f├╝r Facebook-Administratoren von Wibke Ladwig

An der Video-Ausleuchtung von Wibke m├╝ssen wir noch arbeiten ­čÖé

Lending Modelle f├╝r E-Books von Susanne Barwick & Michael Vogelbacher

TO DO … Slides Link

Die Gespr├Ąche zwischen den Sessions und beim Mittag drehten sich oft darum das der “etablierte Verlag und Buchhandel” mit dem ganzen E-Book Geraffel nicht richtig klarkommt.

Abends war dann Party (playlist)!

Am Sonntag habe ich gemeinsam mit Andreas meine Session gehalten. Mir hat es viel Spass gemacht und ich habe gerade beschlossen ich sollte dar├╝ber einen gesonderten Blogeintrag schreiben (Schliesslich will Wibke ein Blog von mir!). Auf Nachfrage hier noch das Video aus der Session (das mit dem Inhalt nix zu tun hatte ­čÖé ) und hier das making of video, was noch viel interessanter ist.

In der wirklich erhellenden Session E-Commerce von Armin Th. Wirth (<- folgt mal dem Link – Er war von 1972-83 Astronaut – Wow) habe ich dann die atemberaubenden Workflows in Verlagen gesehen und konnte nun die weltlichen Probleme der Besch├Ąftigten erheblich besser verstehen.

TO DO Ich brauche unbedingt ein Foto von seinem Flipchart Bild! )

Ich h├Ątte auch auf Anhieb ganz viel Ideen, wie man das vereinfachen k├Ânnten ­čÖé

Ooops, das wars dann … mein erster Ausflug in die harte Realit├Ąt der deutschen Buchbranche.

Was ist sonst noch so ganz konkret herausgekommen?

  • Mit der Firma heubachmedia werde ich ab jetzt Apps f├╝r meine B├╝cher bauen (Danke an @matthiasheubach)
  • Wibke w├╝rde gern ein BuchCamp bei uns in Fitou machen (Hier ein Bild zum anfixen) – Ich h├Ątte da auch Lust zu ­čÖé
  • Ich muss mich liebevoller um meine EPUBs k├╝mmern hat Andreas gesagt oder gemeint (Originalzitat aus unserer Session: “Du produzierst Scheisse!” ­čÖé )

    [UPDATE] gerade in den Facebook Kommentaren zu diesem Artikel gelesen (siehen unten) “Ich spende Dir ein tango solo, damit Deine E-Books nicht mehr so “Schei├če” aussehen (^_-)

    http://www.markstein.com/produkte/tango-solo/index.html – na Danke sag’ ich da mal ­čÖé

  • Mit Andreas Artmann werde ich mal ein Bier trinken gehen
  • Ich kaufe meinen Bedarf an deutschen B├╝chern jetzt online bei Maja und Jan von der Buchhandlung Hoffman in Eutin (lesezeichen.de)

Jetzt lasse ich das mal sacken und ├╝berlege, ob ich zu den BuchTagen nach Berlin fahre. Auf die Idee hat mich Sabrina Schreiber gebracht und Lust h├Ątte ich schon!

Da das aber doch mein Reisebudget ein wenig ├╝berschreitet versuche ich es mal mit der Crowdfunding Methode, die im Verlagswesen ja noch nicht so h├Ąufig genutzt wird (Probiert das jetzt einfach mal aus – ja jetzt – sofort ­čÖé).

Das ist ganz einfach:

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Vielen Dank ­čÖé

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Wenn es klappt, stehe ich w├Ąhrend der BuchTage auch gern f├╝r alles das Meiste, was euch so einf├Ąllt, zur Verf├╝gung ­čÖé


e-Commerce with Joomla!

The Merits Of E-CommerceTwo days ago Raouf Ibrahimi Nasab and Seyed Mohammad Safavi (students of information technology engineering), which I met at JDay Iran, asked me to do a 15 minutes video on e-commerce for their seminar at Islamic Azad University of Bushehr (http://www.iaubushehr.ac.ir/). Both are responsible for the seminar which is part of the scientific association of that university.

Well … let’s go ­čÖé

What is e-Commerce?

Before we talk about e-commerce let’s have a look at the word commerce.


Commerce means the whole system of an economy that constitutes an environment for business. The system includes legal, economic, political, social, cultural, and technological systems that are in operation in any country. So we are talking about business, one of the most ancient activities of human beings :).

Thinking of your country, I will choose as an example hand made Iranian carpets.

  • Legal system: It is allowed to produce and sell carpets in Iran, foreigners are allowed to buy and export 6 sqm per person per visit.
  • Economic system: There is an existing infrastructure to produce ans sell carpets
  • Political system: Oh, I am not sure about that point but it seems to me that carpets are in general ok (not evil)
  • Social system: People like carpets, the different wools, patterns and colors
  • Cultural system: Iran has a very long tradition of carpets
  • Technological system: It exists a well established technology to produce carpets

Carpets are sold in bazars and carpet shops. People come to these shops, select their carpet, pay with cash, take their carpet and take them home.

The whole procedure is working since hundreds (thousands) of years without electronic devices involved. Are we really want to change that? ­čÖé

Electronic Commerce

The electronic version of commerce refers usually to the sales process. To stay in our carpet example and the systems around it would be possible to create a website with an on-line catalog of carpets (“virtual 24/7 storefront”) and a system to buy them on-line.

This brings another advantage with it. When people are buying online you will get some personal information which you can use further to promote and advertise your products and build a strong long lasting relationship with your customers independent of their place of living.

People from all over the world can access the website and buy carpets on-line.

Even it’s fun it is not necessary anymore to visit a carpet bazar in Iran with a lot of cash money in your pocket.

What do we need for on-line selling

In this example we are selling a physical product (the carpet). The product has to be stored, payed by and delivered to the customer.

We need

  • A storage system for the carpets
  • A payment system that works all over the world
  • A delivery system that delivers to any place in the world

What kind of products are possible?

In the carpet example we are selling the physical carpet. Beside of physical products it is possible to sell virtual products like:

  • the download of an ebook about carpets
  • the download of high res carpet pattern graphics

Even a right or a permission can be a product. We could create a carpet club and sell the membership to that club.

Payment methods

There must be a possiblility to pay on line. The client has to transfer the money and the shop owner has to receive that money.

Centralized Payment Systems

Often there is a layer in between. The layer can be a centralized card system that is tied to the customers bank account (Credit Card, Smart Card). It can be also a system like PayPal which exists as a kind of clearing account between client and merchant. These systems must be accepted by national states.

Decentralized Payment Systems

Alternative currencies like bitcoin are a possibility to pay independent of national states

Microdonation Payments System

Imagine that you are the guy who is drawing the wonderful patterns that appear in carpets. It is hard to sell patterns so it could be a way for you to offer a Microdonation Payment System like Flattr or Kashingle.


You think a price of a carpet is fixed? Please stop reading, visit a carpet bazar, try to buy a carpet and come back ­čÖé

The price is a very sensible thing. In general the price is calculated per square meter depending on parameters like the material, the amount of knots and more. Beside these “hard facts” there are several possibilities to change a price. Usually the highest price is written on the price tag. This price can be reduced depending on

  • the amounts of carpets you are buying (pay 3, get 1 for free)
  • the current state of the carpet (e.g. spots or inaccurracies)
  • whether you are a member of our “carpet club” (10% off for members)

The price can depend also on what the clients offer to pay if we use an auction to sell them

Delivery System

The delivery system depends on the type of the product.

Our physical carpet have to be send as a package with the help of a mail system. The price for the delivery service depends usually on the measures and the weight of the product and the distance between our carpet storage and the clients place.

For the download of virtual products you have to take into account the limitation and costs of data traffic. This point is very important when you offers your products on mobile devices.

Implementation of an e-commerce system

We need

  • a shop system for creating the website (Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, Magento)
  • one or more payment system accounts
  • a strategy how and what we want to sell (carpets, ebooks, memberships)

It is not possible to show all the systems and because the idea of this article was born on a Joomla!Day I want to show a solution in Joomla!

Joomla! e-Commerce

Joomla! is an Open Source Web Content Management System. It is possible to enhance the features of Joomla by adding extensions. When you look at the Joomla Extensions directory in the category e-Commerce you’ll find more than 150 different extensions! For that reason it is very hard to show “The solution”. It is necessary to pick a few extensions.

One example of a Joomla! eCommerce solution

Joomla! CMS 2.5

The base of everything is the core of Joomla! I wrote a free Beginner’s Guide on Joomla! 2.5.


Selling Physical Products

VirtueMart is a one of 35 existing shopping cart solutions which offers the possibility to sell physical products (carpets). This is an example from the VirtueMart demo website (Figure 1)


Figure 1: Physical product

Downloadable Products Example

Here is again an example based on VirtueMart to get an idea about this feature. The example comes from a live t-shirt design shop (Figure 2) where you can download the designs.


Figure 2: Downloadable product

The t-shirt shop runs with an older version of VirtueMart. The new VirtueMart 2 extension needs an sperate extension for this feature, e.g. shipment for virtual products (commercial extension).

In the Joomla! extension directory you’ll find 21 other Paid Download extensions.

Selling Membership

For selling memberships (e.g. for our carpet club) we can choose between 27 Membership & Subscriptions extensions. As an example have a look at the demosite of the OSE Membership extension (Figure 3)


Figure 3: OSE Membership extension


Joomla! has 8 Auction extensions available that allow you to sell your products (carpets) using an auction (Figure 4)


Figure 4: Screenshot of BF Auction Plus (Commercial extension)


As you see, there are several possibilities to implement e-Commerce in Joomla! The implementation that best fits cannot be “the one solution”. It depends on so many different parameters. As you can imagine the two other CMS’s Drupal and WordPress have possibilities too.

It would be a pleasure for me to continue this seminar with a hands-on workshop in Bushehr, Iran ­čÖé