Syncing your Personal Cloud with Nextcloud Desktop Client

Nextcloud - Launcher
Nextcloud - Launcher

After installing Nextcloud Server und Nextcloud iOS app last week, I noticed that there was no Nextcloud desktop client for OS X available on their website. One of the most important things in my personal cloud is the synchronisation between my Nextcloud server and my desktop. The reason for the missing desktop client was simple. The existing OwnCloud client worked perfectly together with Nextcloud 9.x and it was not an easy for the Nextcloud team to fork the desktop client.

After the upgrade to Nextcloud 10 I noticed that Nextcloud desktop clients for Windows and OS X were available and I was quite happy.

In this blog post I’ll show the installation and configuration of the Nextcloud OS X client.


Download the desktop client from the Nextcloud website (

Nextcloud - Download page desktop clients
Nextcloud – Download page desktop clients

The downloaded file is called Nextcloud- With a double click on the name you start the installer.

Nextcloud - Client Installer
Nextcloud – Client Installer

Just click the Continue button and go through the Installation. You can accept the default values.

After the Installer finished the installation you can start the Nextcloud desktop client by searching the app in Spotlight Search,

Nextcloud - Spotlight search
Nextcloud – Spotlight search

or click on the Nextcloud icon in Launcher,

Nextcloud - Launcher
Nextcloud – Launcher

or click on the app in the Applications directory in a Finder window.

Nextcloud - Finder - Applications
Nextcloud – Finder – Applications

Nextcloud Connection Wizard

When you start the app for the first time Nextcloud Connection Wizard will help to setup the connection between your server and your desktop client. First insert your Nextcloud server address and click the Next button.

Nextcloud Connection Wizard - Server Address
Nextcloud Connection Wizard – Server Address

Next question are user credentials. Insert your username and password and click the Next button.

Nextcloud Connection Wizard - User Credentials
Nextcloud Connection Wizard – User Credentials

These values are enough to connect and the connection wizard asks what you want to synchronise and where your local folder should be. I want to synchronise everything and the folder name is ok.
Click the Connect button.

Nextcloud Connection Wizard - Setup local folder options
Nextcloud Connection Wizard – Setup local folder options

Everything is set up now and you are asked where to go now. Access your Nextcloud Server in a browser window or open a local Finder window with your synced data.

Nextcloud Connection Setup - Everything set up!
Nextcloud Connection Setup – Everything set up!

Depending on the amount of data you are syncing it might take some time until all files are downloaded. A good possibility to have a look at your desktop. You probably see your new Nextcloud folder with plenty of green sync symbols and the Nextcloud icon in your menu bar on top of the screen. If you click the blue Nextcloud icon, a menu opens and beside other options you see how long syncing will take and how much data is involved.

Nextcloud - Syncing
Nextcloud – Syncing

That’s it! My data will be synchronised between Nextcloud Server, the iOS app and my Desktop!

You can add as many user accounts as you wish. They will be all synchronised!

Nextcloud - OS X Desktop Client - Settings
Nextcloud – OS X Desktop Client – Settings


My personal cloud consists for now of the Nextcloud server, the iOS App and the OS X client. All my photos and other files are now synchronised.


tl;dr: Nextcloud desktop clients for Windows and OS X are available – download, install and use them!


  1. The problem with this client is that if the server has 2TB of data and the PC has only 500GB it could not be synchronized due to lack of space. As you can do to mount it as a network drive. WebDav? is there any guide?

    1. Hi Fredy, in the settings of the client it’s possible to choose which folders should be synchronised. Unchecked folders will be removed from your local file system and will not be synchronised to this computer anymore.

  2. Ok, Hagen.

    Yes, I had seen that option. Although I do not see it as practical for the end user. But okay, I’ll use what there is. But, it would be better for a client that does not download, that only shows what is in the server.

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