Augmented Reality bei der Deutschen Bahn

Einen größeren Gegensatz als Augmented Reality und Deutsche Bahn konnte ich mir vor kurzem kaum vorstellen. Am letzten Dienstag war ich beim Webgrrls Treffen in Frankfurt. Die Verbindung ist ganz einfach. Ich wohne ja momentan (heute letzter Tag) bei der @android_oma. Die ist Mitglied bei den Webgrrls im Rhein Main Gebiet ( und dieses Mal tagten […]

I joined the #jCycle #Joomla Challenge

Last week I joined the Joomla #jcycle challenge! It’s a kind of charity for the Joomla project. Cycling is a great way to raise money for charity. Our season sponsor joins this effort and donates by tradition 1 cent for every km ridden. If you like Joomla! and cycling, and you want to do something good, […]

Mobile Devices, Drupal, Composer and 217 km

Beside my Drupal work at I attended the Mobile Users FFM monthly meeting on Wednesday. The group exists since 13 years and started as the “Palm user group, Frankfurt”. Do you remember Palm? During the last 13 years the world has changed and it was interesting for me to hear stories about different types of […]

News! I’m working as a Drupal Developer in Germany

The summer was wonderful. We finished the restoration of a house in the middle of July and we wanted to enjoy some weeks at the beach. As you know, we are Germans and there seems to be some truth in all these stereotypes about Germans, they always make plans ;-) So we did, we made a list […]