Since 11 years I’m living in France. Since November 2015 France has a so called state of emergency (état d’urgence).

On 13 November 2015, …, due to expire after four extensions in 2017. As of 23 July 2016, almost 3,600 houses had been raided under the state of emergency, leading to more than 400 arrests, the seizure of more than 500 weapons including 40 war weapons, and four or five of these raids led to a terrorism-linked judicial investigation. Some Muslim rights groups criticized the raids as unfairly targeting French Muslims, especially those of North African descent, claiming that they are conducted with little concern for civil rights, and pointing out that only one terrorism-related investigation led to prosecution by August 2016. On 16 November 2016, President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced that the state of emergency would be extended until the 2017 presidential elections, stating that the measure would be necessary to protect rallies and other events during the electoral campaign.

France is still in this state of emergency …

12 years ago (2005) I attended the CCC congress and saw this talk …

“We Lost The War“ was a prediction of a dark future that did not sit well with many people, but unfortunately many predictions have come true meanwhile.

in 2015 at the 32c3 “Ten years after ‘We Lost The War‘” addressed what will come next and what the hacker community can do to make things better.

It take 2.5 hours to watch both videos.
It’s worth to understand what happens around us.

My next blog post will be about positive thinking. I guess I have to re-learn it 😉


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