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Help a young student graduate from Maastricht University 🙂 

My daughter Phyllis asked me today via messenger if I could participate in a questionnaire she needs for her Master Thesis. I did and you should do so too, wherever you are on this planet!


Master Thesis at Maastricht University with the topic “Blockchain Technology in Healthcare” 


  • You support interesting research.  
  • You collect some karma points! 
  • You help a young student graduate from Maastricht University 🙂  
  • You help the old father of the young student


The questionnaire takes about 6 minutes, 4 pages of questions in total.  

She needs > 300 submissions (and has already 50 66 74).
Now think of yourself when your daughter would ask you the same question and help us 😉

Here comes the link:


United Kingdom

The Wikipedia page for UK starts with this sentence: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain. After visiting the country for the first time for a longer time (2 weeks) I learned so much about the history (William the conqueror, Oliver Cromwell, the parliament, …), that I’m now even more curious how everything fits together. I spent a lot of time reading Wikipedia pages, even while writing this blog post on a phone just a short introduction to that part of world.

(btw. Since 2 weeks I’m becoming more and more a fan of this country. I’ll definitely come back to explore the rest.)


Kein PC im Urlaub

Ich mache Urlaub, vermutlich 17 Tage. Es ist das erste zweite Mal seit 1996, dass ich ohne einen PC in den Urlaub fahre. Das erste Mal war letztes Jahr in Jordanien. Da hatte ich aber ein fettes iPadPro mit virtueller SIM Karte dabei. Auf dem iPad kann man gut Arbeiten im Terminal erledigen. Das ist wichtig, weil ich ja Server betreibe und das “irgendwas ist ja immer” Problem habe. Continue reading “Kein PC im Urlaub”

Why Twitter blocked and deleted our @ibcoco1 Twitter Account

ibcoco1 is locked

We are running the not for profit iron blogger project. The aim of the project is to motivate people to blog once a week. If you are interested in the project (and you should 😉 ), have a look at our website Beside the website, the project had a Twitter account. Last week I received an e-mail from Twitter. They told me that ibcoco1 seems to be a child and that is the reason, why the account was locked. Continue reading “Why Twitter blocked and deleted our @ibcoco1 Twitter Account”