5. Create Content

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Back to 4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles Creating content is hard! Every piece of content is a story. And a story can be good or not that good and thus attracting visitors or bore them. Thousands of books on the subject of writing stories have been published, a lot of people have… Continue reading 5. Create Content

4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles

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Back to 3. Design, Layout, Colors I know, we still have no content on our site but before we create it, let’s have a look on the user accounts of our new Joomla website.
When you installed Joomla, you created the Super Administrator account. This user is allowed to do anything. It is nice to be that… Continue reading 4. It’s all about users, permissions, modules and articles

3. Design, Layout, Colors

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Back to: 2. A fresh Joomla Installation The template is one of the most important pieces of a website. It provides the appearance, the design. The combination with relevant content motivates new visitors to stay on your site and explore. Regular visitors and users appreciate being on a site with a beautiful and useful design.… Continue reading 3. Design, Layout, Colors

2. A fresh Joomla Installation

Figure 11: Joomla! is now installed

Back to: 1. What is Joomla Panic …. where and what to download? Where to install? Why installing? What do I install? You have a few possibilities to start with Joomla. You can install Joomla on your local computer forever free at joomla.com on a server from your hosting provider on the 90-day free Joomla!… Continue reading 2. A fresh Joomla Installation

1. What is Joomla?

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As promised last week (Iron Blogger & Joomla) I’ll start to write more about Joomla! The next articles are the chapters of the book I wrote in January 2016 for the upcoming Version 3.5. Why should I get in contact with Joomla! and what is it all about. Joomla! is a free system for creating… Continue reading 1. What is Joomla?

Joomla – A Social Movement In Tech Industry?

It is simply amazing to talk to people from 5 continents over a few days. It’s even more amazing to do that in a place like Bangalore, India where the Joomla World Conference just took place (6-8 Nov 2015). The Indian population stands for >17{0f2b36d8f80fa52f37b916148a6e37fe671d96583f68d5887344addd2eee52a6} of the worlds population. In Bangalore are living more people… Continue reading Joomla – A Social Movement In Tech Industry?

Berlin Bank Skandal

Benedict Ugarte Chacon hat im Jahr 2012 ein Buch über den Berliner Banken Skandal geschrieben. Das Buch ist die gekürzte und aktualisierte Version seiner Dissertation vom Dezember 2010. Wer etwas mehr über postdemokratische Vorgänge im Allgemeinen und die wirklich interessante Story von der Bankgesellschaft Berlin, der Berliner Sparkasse, der Berliner Immobilien-Holding GmbH, der Investitionsbank Berlin,… Continue reading Berlin Bank Skandal

Europa im Erdölrausch: Die Folgen einer gefährlichen Abhängigkeit

Ich hatte endlich Zeit, das Buch zu lesen. Ganser beschreibt aus der Sicht eines Historikers die Entwicklung der Abhängigkeit der Welt vom Erdöl. Um es mal kurz zu machen … Das Buch sollte zu einer Pflichtlektüre in Schulen werden. Affiliate Link zu Amazon: Europa im Erdölrausch: Die Folgen einer gefährlichen Abhängigkeit