The first Joomla!Day in Iran

April 12th Christine and me attended the first Joomla!Day in Mashhad, Iran. The JoomlaDay team around Saeed worked one year to make this event possible. Due to ongoing sanctions against Iran it was not possible for Open Source Matters to support the event with 500 US$ as they usually do for an official Joomla!Day. I… Continue reading The first Joomla!Day in Iran

Raising money for a JoomlaDay

In this post I ask for your help. It is about the support of a Joomla!Day. A Joomla!Day is a local, regional or national gathering of the Joomla! community. The Joomla Project encourages a growing and vibrant Joomla! community and Joomla!Days are part of that effort. To ensure continued protection of the Joomla! name, usage… Continue reading Raising money for a JoomlaDay