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Geothermal Energy, Flower Plants, Wildlife & Disney in Naivasha

The Naivasha lake in Kenya was a kind of paradise for birds, fish, hippos, the cows of the Maasai people. The lake has an area of 15,600 ha at an altitude of 1884m asl. It is a fresh water lake with a catchment of 2,378 km2. The lake is on a tentative list for becoming UNESCO heritage since 1999. A Tentative List is an inventory of those properties which each State Party intends to consider for nomination. The quote is from the actual description of the UNESCO website.

The lake environment is fragile but dynamic and supports tourism and geothermal power generation from deep-rooted stream jets among other economic activities. Lake Naivasha’s biodiversity is critically threatened by human induced factors, including: habitat destruction, pollution (from pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers), sewage effluent, livestock feeding lots, acaricide, and water abstraction. … Current research findings show that the lake cannot sustain further development activities on the scale seen over the last fifteen years. (UNESCO Lake Naivasha)

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I traveled and caught a cold

As you know, I’m one of these famous Iron Bloggers and I try to write at least one blog entry per week.

The last week was a bit packed and now I have time to think about.

  • Monday was my last day in Frankfurt. I had a wonderful time at Artus and I want to say thank you. Artus is an amazing company with a special culture (in a positive sense). Just one example: Each Wednesday they come together for a one hour breakfast and during that time, one is doing a short presentation about a topic that matters. Have a look at their Facebook page, each presentation gets a post.