Need Help … #blockchain #healthcare #questionaire #family … please share

Help a young student graduate from Maastricht University 🙂 

My daughter Phyllis asked me today via messenger if I could participate in a questionnaire she needs for her Master Thesis. I did and you should do so too, wherever you are on this planet! WHAT IS IT ABOUT?  Master Thesis at Maastricht University with the topic “Blockchain Technology in Healthcare”.   WHY?  You support interesting… Continue reading Need Help … #blockchain #healthcare #questionaire #family … please share

Why Twitter blocked and deleted our @ibcoco1 Twitter Account

ibcoco1 is locked

We are running the not for profit iron blogger project. The aim of the project is to motivate people to blog once a week. If you are interested in the project (and you should ;) ), have a look at our website Beside the website, the project had a Twitter account. Last week I received… Continue reading Why Twitter blocked and deleted our @ibcoco1 Twitter Account

Die Mittelrheinweinkönigin wird bloggen! #makingof

Die Mittelrheinweinkönigin ist die auf jeweils ein Jahr gewählte Repräsentantin des deutschen Weinbaugebietes Mittelrhein. Die Wahl zur Mittelrheinweinkönigin wird ausgerichtet vom Mittelrhein-Wein e. V. Amtierende Weinkönigin 2015/16 ist Sarah Hulten aus Koblenz (Wikipedia). Sarah stellte sich am 1.11.2015 in der Facebook Gruppe “Du weisst, du kommst vom Mittelrhein, wenn …” als Weinkönigin vor. Ich freute… Continue reading Die Mittelrheinweinkönigin wird bloggen! #makingof