Ich war beim Cloudfest

Monopolies explained

Einmal im Jahr gibt es eine Veranstaltung im Europapark Rust, die wirklich bemerkenswert ist – das Cloudfest. Bemerkenswert insofern, da sich die dort vertretenen Firmen erfreulich “normal” präsentieren und die Stimmung meiner Wahrnehmung nach gut ist. Nun weiss ich natürlich, dass das Wort “normal” für jeden eine andere Bedeutung hat. Ich empfinde beispielsweise die Besucher… Continue reading Ich war beim Cloudfest

Mobile Devices, Drupal, Composer and 217 km

Mobile Users Frankfurt

Beside my Drupal work at artus.com I attended the Mobile Users FFM monthly meeting on Wednesday. The group exists since 13 years and started as the “Palm user group, Frankfurt”. Do you remember Palm? During the last 13 years the world has changed and it was interesting for me to hear stories about different types of… Continue reading Mobile Devices, Drupal, Composer and 217 km

More official Nextcloud Apps

Michael Cannon https://www.flickr.com/photos/comprock/18751035585/ (CC BY-SA 2.0)

As promised in the first blog post about the Nextcloud App Ecosystem, here comes the second one about all the official Nextcloud Apps that are disabled by default. To understand the different types of apps better, I would categorize them as following so far:

First setup of my Nextcloud Box

All parts of Nextcloud Box

Last Saturday at Nextcloud conference in Berlin the Nextcloud Box was announced. Frank said it’s a part of his promise/desire to make the world a better place by bringing your data home. How can the world be a better place with Nextcloud Box?

A personal cloud with Nextcloud – But How and Why?

How to ...

As you may have noticed I attended the Nextcloud Hackweek last week (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5). I decided to help out with documentation in Github and I did a few little changes. The documentation ist separated into an Admin-, a User and a Developer Manual. I struggled a bit with… Continue reading A personal cloud with Nextcloud – But How and Why?


https://www.flickr.com/photos/------------------------------/23400747273/ (CC BY 2.0)

Between christmas cookies, marzipan , house renovation and usual life, I managed to watch #32c3 video streams from the chaos communication congress in Hamburg. Here are a few talks I watched: EN – Keynote: Fatuma Musa Afra Einfach mal gucken (hier meine Gedanken dazu) DE – Netzpolitik in der Schweiz 2015/16NDG, BÜPF und wie wir… Continue reading #32c3