Drupal Europe – Tag 1

Photo by Rouven Volk https://twitter.com/rouvenvolk/status/1039445557855617025

Mein erster Tag auf der Drupal Europe in Darmstadt endet um 22:00 Uhr. Wir waren in einem Biergarten in Darmstadt. Das Wetter war schön, die Menschen freundlich … alles gut. Ich bin mit dem Auto da, mein Hotel liegt 15km ausserhalb in Gross Zimmern und ich bringe auf dem Heimweg noch Christian zu seinem Airbnb. Ich bin um 22:43 in meinem Hotelzimmer. So früh war ich auf einer DrupalCon noch nie im Hotel :). Das hat aber auch etwas Gutes, denn dadurch es gibt jetzt einen Blog Post! Wie war mein Tag ? … Continue reading “Drupal Europe – Tag 1”

Ich gehe zur DrupalCon Europe in Darmstadt

DrupalCon Europe

In den letzten Jahren hatte ich DrupalCons ein wenig aus dem Auge verloren. Es war einfach zu aufwendig (Zeit & Geld). Die letzte Drupal Konferenz, an der ich teilnahm, war 2012 in München. Drupal ist nach wie vor das CMS, mit dem ich am meisten arbeite und es gab bisher nichts, was ich damit nicht lösen konnte. Für einfache Seiten hat sich bei mir WordPress durch die Hintertür eingeschlichen. Mir gefiel in den letzten Jahren auch dieser ganze, in meinen Augen aggressive, Business Ansatz von Drupal/Acquia und grösseren Agenturen nicht so richtig. Business ist ja ok, aber irgendwie war gerade Drupal für mich ein Beispiel für ein recht gut funktionierendes Community Ökosystem. Nachdem mit der DrupalCon Europe nun eine eigene europäische Veranstaltung gestartet wird, will ich mal schauen, wie es nach 6 Jahren so aussieht und freue mich richtig drauf.

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Drupal Updates

Drupal Update

Für Mittwoch, den 28.3.2018 zwischen 18:00 und 19:30 UTC war ein extrem kritisches Drupal Update angekündigt worden. Das Sicherheitsteam des Projekts ging davon aus, dass in kürzester Zeit nach der Veröffentlichung des Patches die Sicherheitslücke von automatisierten Scripts ausgenutzt werden könnte.

Extrem kritisch bedeutet in diesem Zusammenhang:

  • Jeder Besucher der Website kann die Lücke ausnutzen, er muss kein Benutzerkonto auf der Site haben
  • Alle Daten, auch die nicht öffentlichen, sind zugänglich
  • Alle Daten, auch die nicht öffentlichen, können manipuliert werden

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CloudFest: Become a Partner for the Joomla Project and I’ll make you happy

CloudFest, Europapark, Roller coaster

Next week I’m going to CloudFest.  CloudFest itself is not easy to describe. It is an event and the successor of the World Hosting Days. Thus a large part of the world’s hosting industry will be “there”. The first time I was there in 2016. I’m writing a weekly blog post for NovaTrend, a hosting company from Zurich, Switzerland and I thought, it’s a good idea to visit the event to get a better idea what this industry is about. And it was a good idea! It was simply amazing, I met many people, learned a lot and to my surprise, I found a booth from CMS Garden and met friends from open source communities like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Contao and other systems. CloudFest takes place in Europa Park, Rust, Germany so everything looks a bit strange to me. I’m not used to roller coasters and conference facilities looking like Disneyland but hey – it’s nice 🙂

In November last year, while attending the Joomla World Conference in Rome, Italy, Soren was looking for someone who is willing and able to make Joomla Partners happy. We discussed the topic at length and after the conference I became a member of the new founded Partnership Success Team. The basic idea of the team is to make partners happy. The Joomla project always needs money, so we offer something in the sense of

”Hey, Joomla can maximize your ROI. We have lots of options … let’s talk :)”

Joomla already has some Partners but we want to have more 🙂

Now I come into the game. I am German, I speak German and CloudFest is located in Germany. Remember, my role is to make partners happy. So I will be at the Joomla booth from Tuesday evening until Friday. Lucky me -CloudFest runs a Facebook page for its attendees. I participated in a competition with this post and … won a VIP-Package … woohoo!

So, have a look at the Joomla booth (will update where it is located) and see you soon 🙂


Mobile Devices, Drupal, Composer and 217 km

Beside my Drupal work at artus.com I attended the Mobile Users FFM monthly meeting on Wednesday. The group exists since 13 years and started as the “Palm user group, Frankfurt”. Do you remember Palm? During the last 13 years the world has changed and it was interesting for me to hear stories about different types of smartphones, smartwatches, phone contracts and gadgets like the Yota Phone 2. Continue reading “Mobile Devices, Drupal, Composer and 217 km”

News! I’m working as a Drupal Developer in Germany

The summer was wonderful. We finished the restoration of a house in the middle of July and we wanted to enjoy some weeks at the beach. As you know, we are Germans and there seems to be some truth in all these stereotypes about Germans, they always make plans 😉 So we did, we made a list about how we wanted to spend our “free” time. The plan was to work a few hours on projects that should be finally finished, like the green roof project in the garden, the Cave in 22 Grand’ Rue, some “little” things in our house …

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Nextcloud Conference – Saturday


Today the contributor conference started. Yesterday was more business oriented, today the “get things done phase” starts.

Jos opened the conference with a few words, Frank, Joe and Jane repeated their announcements of the Nextcloud box and 50 boxes are available to buy here at the conference for 70 Euro. The missing RaspberryPi is provided for free. Frank said, that he’s looking for a possibility to sell Nextcloud Box as a complete package. Continue reading “Nextcloud Conference – Saturday”

Nextcloud Conference – Business Day

I had no idea what to expect from this conference but something inside said to me

Go to Berlin, it’s important!

So I went to Berlin to attend at least two days of the conference at Technische Universität. The Berlin Technische Universität is one of the largest and most prestigious research and education institutions in Germany and for a whole week the center of the growing Nextcloud community.

Technische Universität Berlin
Technische Universität Berlin

The future of Nextcloud

In Frank Karlitscheks talk about the future of Nextcloud he also talked about sustainability and the way how Nextcloud will develop in the next 20! years:

During the talk, he showed Nextcloud 10 features und someone from the audience asked when this version with all these nice features will be released (easy answer, it was released a few weeks ago). In the meantime Klaas tweeted two feature request

Features requests via Twitter
Features requests via Twitter

Security Architecture

Lukas Reschke talked about Nextcloud security architecture. I liked the idea that the same developers who wrote the code are responsible for fixing their own bugs.


Bjoern Schiessle is working since four years on the federation subject and showed an overview of the ideas behind the concept and it’s future.

In Nextcloud, it’s possible to share your files with a remote user. A remote user is a user in another personal cloud installation that supports the federation concept (e.g. Nextcloud, OwnCloud, Pydio). To share a file you have to insert the cloud ID of that user [username]@[domain] and Nextcloud sends a notification to the remote user. The remote user can decide whether he wants to accept the share.
You find your own Cloud ID in your Nextcloud profile page. Share it!

MySql Database Scalability

Oli Sennhauser (FromDual) gave a talk about MySQL database scalability. The interesting thing for me was that he was not familiar with the Nextcloud software. So he asked users and developers in the audience questions how Nextcloud is handling this and that. Based on the answers he described possible problems and solutions.

After the lunch break I missed half of Arthur Schiwons talk about User Management in Nextcloud. Nextcloud has a variety of authentication mechanisms needed to fit comfortably in the diverse enterprise authentication landscape. I learned some new abbreviations: LDAP, SAML, ODP, ….

Nextcloud Scalability with a concept design for 10.000 users

This talk was interesting too because Dennis Pennings (360ict.nl) is planning to set up a huge Nextcloud installation. He researched a lot about possible solutions and he had plenty of question that were discussed at the end together with Frank and the audience.

Slides, Videos

So far, no slides and videos are available online. I’ll update the blog post when I find them.

Surprise, Surprise

During the day I saw tweets about a mysterious Nextcloud box, even an article in the German Heise Ticker (Nextcloud Box soll die Cloud ins Heim bringen).

The Nextcloud Box

At 6pm the Nextcloud box was presented by Frank. I decided to install Periscope and tried to stream the event. After the third try it worked! Here are the exiting 20 minutes!

The box is real

Directly after the “surprise show” Jos arrived with 50 Nextcloud Boxes and I bought one (70Euro).

The next guy in the queue was Guido Stepken and he bought seven!

While writing the blog post I saw that nearly the same box design exists for the Open Source Media Center (OSMC PiDrive).

Update Sept 17th: I just learned that the OSMC PiDRive is based on the Nextcloud  Box design. It is and was the intention of Nextcloud to offer the box design to other projects.


The day was super interesting an now I have to sleep. See you tomorrow!