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Ich war beim Cloudfest

Einmal im Jahr gibt es eine Veranstaltung im Europapark Rust, die wirklich bemerkenswert ist – das Cloudfest. Bemerkenswert insofern, da sich die dort vertretenen Firmen erfreulich “normal” präsentieren und die Stimmung meiner Wahrnehmung nach gut ist. Nun weiss ich natürlich, dass das Wort “normal” für jeden eine andere Bedeutung hat. Ich empfinde beispielsweise die Besucher des Chaos Communications Congress ebenfalls als normal. Verglichen mit dem Congress ist das Cloudfest natürlich irgendwie das Gegenteil. Alles, aber auch wirklich alles auf dieser Veranstaltung hat mit Geld verdienen, Wachstum, Status, Konkurrenz und der Erfindung neuer Geschäftsmodelle zu tun. Das Charmante dabei ist, dass nicht Amazon, Google, Microsoft, SAP und Oracle dort vertreten sind, sondern eher kleinere, bzw. unbekanntere Unternehmen. Das hat ein wenig mit der Geschichte der Veranstaltung zu tun, die ursprünglich World Hosting Days hiess und ein Treffen von Akteuren der Hostingbranche war, also Server, Kabel, Betriebssysteme, Festplatten, Netze, Schränke und alles, was das Hosting Herz so begehrt.


Joomla and CloudFest

As I mentioned two weeks ago I became a kind of “partner happiness volunteer” in the Joomla project (CloudFest: Become a Partner for the Joomla Project and I’ll make you happy). My first task was to find partners for Joomla at this very unique conference in an amusement park in Germany. The conference itself has a long history as an the event for “the hosting industry” which basically consists of everything that is related to data centres, storage, servers, operating systems, cables and all the software that is needed to run it in a proper way. In the past this industry earned, let’s be honest, a shitload of money. Nowadays they earn only a lot money. With the invention of “cloud computing” companies like Amazon Web Services,  Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud got a huge piece of the “hosting business cake”. I assume the growing cloud business was also the reason to change the name of the conference from World Hosting Days to CloudFest.

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CloudFest: Become a Partner for the Joomla Project and I’ll make you happy

Next week I’m going to CloudFest.  CloudFest itself is not easy to describe. It is an event and the successor of the World Hosting Days. Thus a large part of the world’s hosting industry will be “there”. The first time I was there in 2016. I’m writing a weekly blog post for NovaTrend, a hosting company from Zurich, Switzerland and I thought, it’s a good idea to visit the event to get a better idea what this industry is about. And it was a good idea! It was simply amazing, I met many people, learned a lot and to my surprise, I found a booth from CMS Garden and met friends from open source communities like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Contao and other systems. CloudFest takes place in Europa Park, Rust, Germany so everything looks a bit strange to me. I’m not used to roller coasters and conference facilities looking like Disneyland but hey – it’s nice :)

In November last year, while attending the Joomla World Conference in Rome, Italy, Soren was looking for someone who is willing and able to make Joomla Partners happy. We discussed the topic at length and after the conference I became a member of the new founded Partnership Success Team. The basic idea of the team is to make partners happy. The Joomla project always needs money, so we offer something in the sense of

”Hey, Joomla can maximize your ROI. We have lots of options … let’s talk :)”

Joomla already has some Partners but we want to have more :)

Now I come into the game. I am German, I speak German and CloudFest is located in Germany. Remember, my role is to make partners happy. So I will be at the Joomla booth from Tuesday evening until Friday. Lucky me -CloudFest runs a Facebook page for its attendees. I participated in a competition with this post and … won a VIP-Package … woohoo!

So, have a look at the Joomla booth (will update where it is located) and see you soon :)