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Building a Central Bank – Part 2

Three weeks ago I played around with Ethereum and was wondering what I can do with it (Building a Central Bank – Part 1).

Meanwhile Dick wrote blog posts about Free lunch, blockchains (benefits and costs) and dapps.  He scribbled an example how smart contracts can help to organise a project like iron blogger in a more democratic way. He is also working on a dapp and now I’m more and more curious.
So what happened to my central bank plans?

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Building a Central Bank – Part 1

Last week I asked if someone has an idea what Ethereum is about. Dick Olsson told me in a comment that it’s possible to create a kind of blockchain for our iron blogger project.

What I know so far is the wikipedia article about Ethereum, some content of the website of the Swiss foundation and a few videos from 2014 (What is Ethereum?). I noticed that something existed called the DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) and that there is a big hype about “the Ether” (Bitcoin may have more than doubled this year, but rival Ethereum is up 2,000 percent. Here’s why)

This is a screenshot from the ethereum website

Ethereum - You can build
Ethereum – You can build

A famous quote from The Threepenny Opera by Bertold Brecht comes into my mind when I read what you can build with Ethereum.