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Nextcloud Hackweek – Day 2 – Documentation, GitHub, Barbecue

The morning started with carrying 6 bottles of Fitou wine from the hotel to the office because in the evening there will be a barbecue.

Concerning my success with documentation yesterday, we discovered today, that someone merged another pull request that did exactly the same than mine. So today in the morning we decided to revert my changes.

Afterwards I created another page about the password policy app and theming.

It was interesting for me to see the different approaches used by different people to use Github. The general way to work seems to be

  1. create a branch from the master.
  2. edit the branch and commit the desired changes
  3. create a pull request
  4. someone has to look at your pull request and merge it to the master
  5. depending on the changes the pull request has to be back ported to the stable10 and stable9 branch. Back porting is a bit complicate because you have to “cherry pick” single commits. For the cherry picking you have to copy several id’s (commit id, pull request id) and the whole process can easily become a bit complicate :)

There are two possibilities to use Github. You can use the command line on your Computer and type the commands manually or you use the browser, navigate to the browser and do it online. The browser version ist a reduced set of commands and its possible to do easy changes. Joas told me it was invented to allow people with no clue how this works to be able to do small edit when they are allowed to.

Next Step – I have to learn these magical git commands and use the command line ->

Stay tuned :)

In the evening we had the barbecue. Andreas, the sales guy said “Oh, that’s a nice nerd barbecue”.

I enjoyed the evening/night and returned at 3am to the hotel.

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Nextcloud Hackweek – Day 1- People, Cloud, Vision, Documentation, Pizza, Beer

Yesterday I started my trip to Germany for attending the hackweek at Nextcloud headquarters in Stuttgart. The photo on top is taken where I started from. As you can imagine one has to be really motivated and curious to leave a place like this ;)
I arrived on time today in the morning, my phone noticed the right SSID but I didn’t found the entrance to the office.

Where is the Nextcloud hackweek?

Luckily I was not the only one (@oparoz was lost too) and finally @nickvergessen picked us up.


The day started with a discussion about the agenda.
At 11am we had a kind of plan:

Schedule Stuttgart August 2016
Schedule Stuttgart August 2016

As often at events like this WiFi wasn’t working. Same here, if more than 10 people tried to connect. Finally we found a few cables and adapters to provide everyone with internet.

Bjoern and Lukas played around with the theming feature …

Frank talked about the vision, goals and idea of the Nextcloud company. That’s the vision:

Furthermore, the goal is to make the world a better place. It sounds initially maybe a bit old fashioned, but in my opinion it is a very nice goal!

I was then researching what I could do and joined Andreas, Philip and Daniel on a talk about Nextcloud Partner models. After that I decided to help out with missing documentation.

Unfortunately, I’m not perfect with git commands. Julius helped me and I actually managed to commit a small documentation for anonymous uploading of files created (File Upload via Public Link).

I missed the discussion about the new planned features in the contact and calendar app (have to ask tomorrow).

Did you know that Jos has a dog named popcorn who is attending the hackweek too?

In the evening we had Pizza …


… and finally a beer at Palast der Republik.

Palast der Republik

On the way back to the hotel I learn a lot about PokemonGo :)