Don’t shoot the squirrels – my digital camera history

Recently, while cleaning up, I transferred photos from old hard disks to one central disk. Doing that, I was looking for photos of myself. While searching I noticed, that I use digital photo cameras since more than 20 years. My first digital efforts were around 1993/94 at my workplace. I forgot the name of the camera but […]

#jwc15 Articles, Slides, Videos

I was looking for a collection of news related to #jwc15 and found nothing official so I started this collection. If you published something too, please let me know! Articles/blogs Writing together with new contributors at #jwc15 – Ruchika Nagarkar – 06 Nov. 2015 Day 1 of the Joomla World Conference 2015 – Kiddy/Jayshree Vijay […]