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How to update your Nextcloud from version 9.53 to 10.0

Et voila, the first upgrade to a new major version is necessary. Yesterday the Nextcloud team released Version 10 with plenty of new and shiny features. Everything will get better, faster and more secure. (Release announcement – Secure, Monitor and Control your data with Nextcloud 10 – get it now!). Thank you for that!

How to upgrade?

What has changed is the version of Nextcloud server. The iOS app works with both versions well (9.x and 10.0).

So how to upgrade the server?

A first look in the admin dashboard tells me, that there is no update available and my version is up to date.

Nextcloud 9.53 - Updater
Nextcloud 9.53 – Updater

I know it better because I read the release announcement and they say there is a new version! The sad truth is that the Updater in Nextcloud 9.53 doesn’t work. Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade to the next version via a button click! The Updater will be fixed as soon as possible and I know it is a lot of work but for me and my personal cloud it will be a challenge.

Upgrade on shared hosting

As you know, I’m running my Nextcloud on a shared host and I installed it via the amazing web installer. Because of the broken Updater I have to do the Manual Nextcloud Upgrade as described in the documentation. The general workflow is the following:

  1. Backup files and the database is in general a very good idea!
  2. Move all Nextcloud files to a backup directory or simply rename the Nextcloud directory to [name]_old.
    Don’t forget to backup/save and copy back your data directory (see first comment from Luke).
  3. Download and unpack the new Nextcloud files in the [name] folder.
  4. Copy the /config/config.php file from your saved version to the new version

Depending on you hosting environment you can copy the files via command line, FTP or a tool like cPanel.

Now access your Nextcloud in a browser. The installer will show the database update screen. Click the Start Update button.

Nextcloud 10 - Database Update
Nextcloud 10 – Database Update

Plenty of update steps will be shown

Updating to 10
Updating to Version 10.0

and … your done! That’s it! You will be redirected to the login screen.

Have you noticed? The form fields are shaking if you try to login with wrong credentials

In the admin area you can check the Nextcloud version … and … it’s Nextcloud 10 – congrats!

Nextcloud Version 10
Nextcloud Version 10

Don’t forget to delete the old files and hopefully this was the last time that we have to do an upgrade like this :)

And now take a bit time to read the release announcement – Secure, Monitor and Control your data with Nextcloud 10 – get it now! and play around.

tl;dr: The upgrade from Nextcloud version 9.53 to 10.x works well!

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Upgrade from Drupal 6 to 8

So you have this bloody old Drupal 6 website and have to upgrade it to Drupal 8?

Good news! It’s possible to transfer most of your data!

Easy solution -> start watching this incredible video (Video is removed from YouTube :( see comment)
In theory they are right!

My experiences in detail

I work on my local PC (OSX/MAMP)
Task is a German D6 Website, 6 years old with 1500 nodes, 10000 taxonomy terms, 10 content-types, 50+ contrib modules, a handmade theme … in short, a usual suspect

  • I created a copy of the old Drupal 6 database and imported it in my local MySQL
  • I installed a fresh Drupal 8
  • I installed and enabled the following modules
  • Upgrade UI-Version
    I navigated to http://localhost/newdrupal8/upgrade and fill the form. Upgrade worked but slow
  • Drush-version
    Next time I tried drush which is way faster
    drush migrate-upgrade --legacy-db-url=mysql://user:pass@localhost/d6db --legacy-root=

If the database is bigger than 100 MB it seems to be better to use drush.

Problems (and a solution)

  • After the first run in the Upgrade UI, all nodes, menu links, users and taxonomy were in the new db but the nodes were without field values
  • Second try …  (new drupal 8, etc)
    Migration this time with drush – faster but same result
  • few more tries with different configuration ideas (don’t know anymore :)
  • fifth try – Idea: Hey, the source is a German site, may be it’s about language :) #hope
Hagens-MacBook-Air:htdocs hagengraf$ drush dl drupal-8 --select
 Choose one of the available releases for drupal:
 [0]  :  Cancel
 [1]  :  8.1.x-dev    -  2016-Jan-08  -  Development
 [2]  :  8.0.2        -  2016-Jan-06  -  Supported, Recommended
 [3]  :  8.0.0-beta2  -  2014-Oct-15  -  Security

D8 Installation in German

some problems in settings.php (no MySQL connection). Don’t related to the upgrade (it was deep in the night).

$databases['default']['default'] = array (
 'database' => 'd8',
 'username' => 'root',
 'password' => 'root',
 'prefix' => '',
 'host' => '',
 'unix_socket' => '/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock',
 'port' => '3306',
 'namespace' => 'Drupal\\Core\\Database\\Driver\\mysql',
 'driver' => 'mysql',

configuration with the following commands

cd drupal-8.0.2/
drush status
 drush dl migrate_upgrade, migrate_tools
 drush en migrate_upgrade, migrate_tools
 drush dl admin_toolbar
 drush en admin_toolbar_tools, admin_toolbar
 drush migrate-upgrade --legacy-db-url=mysql://root:root@localhost/fnd6 --legacy-root=

and … all data imported but still  no files, no body field values

  • next try

I download the files from the old d6 site to http://localhost/old (5GB) and tried again …

Files were now imported, body field values too, but mysterious messages were shown in drush output. Still no values  were shown in a node (just the title).

Missing filter plugin: filter_null. [error]
Missing filter plugin: filter_null. [error]
Missing filter plugin: filter_null. [error]
  • next try – same problem than before – discovered possible reasons

Deactivated caption filter, php filter, image assist filter in old site (now in the local version)

  • next try – hurrah :)
    everything works! 180 MB data imported
  • no views
  • lots of contrib modules missing (ads, iframes, sliders, all the stuff clients need :) …)
  • different handling for images and a lot of topics
  • theme doesn’t work anymore

But hey … most of the data is imported!

Now the works starts on the rest :)


If you need help with your Drupal 6 to 8 upgrade …
ping me